Thursday, December 5, 2013

I thought I would share, my new love of the classic white button up.

Ok, so I'm rockin' a side braid here, but it's clean, I swear. In the background, I've got my sewing machine, eBay stuffs, and inspiration board/to do board (it's more a to do board). Sewing machine is a humble mender, but some skirts have been transformed into dresses. I just do simple sewing, so disclaimer!

So, I don't normally wear plain white button up, but yesterday I was like, I need to wear these friggin' things because I haven't gotten rid of them, why am I not doing this.... (Oh yeah, confession, I wore this last night, but I showered at night too!). So I did. And it worked out swimmingly. In trying to take pictures, I saw how non-photogenic this outfit was, but honestly, I feel effortless, stylish, and powerful. Simple semi-dark wash jeans and Target's amazing Kailyn boots in black. (Seriously, pick up a pair, they are so versatile! I almost want to get the brown ones. I got them a while back, but they are still available!)

Downside about white is that it's a detailed journal about what you ate and drank that day. Haven't spilled any coffee on myself, yet! Oh yeah, and then needing to wash your hands right after applying makeup.

I think it's really the scarves though. Scarves have been my jam lately (finally, getting use out of them! -I used to be a knitted scarf kinda girl). And they will be for a long, long time.

Anyone have scarf porn?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Project

New Project: Bored Binder

Hahaha! Seems like a suburban mom thing, but I've had a problem with not knowing what to do with myself lately; I'm going to make a Bored Binder...

Actually, now that I think of it, I probably need several different binders for different things.

A.K.A. I'm going to work on getting organized...

I'm sort of SO organized that my binder is acting as an archive. I need to actually USE IT!

No pics. Sorry, I'm sitting here with a side braid and yoga pants. I'll get on it. Deets to come!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Wardrobe Culling

Gosh darn it. I realized I don't have a picture of... My wardrobe castoffs!

Lately, I've been trying to cull my wardrobe. Honestly, I haven't gotten rid of anything groundbreaking, but I still got rid of a bunch of stuff the other day.

Feels nice and I want to do more.

This post was most inspirational. My words were: effortless, stylish, powerful, vibrant/vivacious/dynamic. (Runners up: chic, sophisticated, elegant.)

Now, for me to truly have this type of wardrobe, I would eschew everything but black and simply dress it up with scarves.

I'm not ready to take that plunge.

My current wardrobe is pretty diverse, and I've been labeled as a mood dresser. I love, love, love black, cognac browns, olive, maroon, and pink. I have some chocolate brown items that are simply wonderful. They're staying! Then, I have navy and white to go together, and a countless amount of jeans (trust me, I have a lot).

And I have a WIDE variety shoes. Dress it up! Dress it down! Sneaks! Boots! Heels! Ballet flats! Treat yo self! I MAY begin the painful process of getting rid of my heels as I don't really have anywhere to wear them and when I do, I feel overdressed. I may also work on just owning it.

What's up with your wardrobe? Leave a comment below/link to a post! I wanna see!

Friday, November 15, 2013

The Joys of All Black

No pictures, please.

No, really.

Today, I'm rockin' out the old high school look: skater shoes, flares (from actual high school -what?!) and a band tee. :-) I'm on second day hair, but if I had a telecommute job, I'd be ready to go. Nothing too special today since I'm probably just going to go to yoga later today.

Anyway, I've been thinking of casting aside about a fourth of my wardrobe (about half of my tops/cardigans) and just sticking to all black. Seriously, in an all-black ensemble, add a scarf and sunnies and BOOM! I'm a celebrity. I feel awesome. A little too awesome. I'm definitely going to take pics of this outfit sometime soon.

What to do with all my jeans? I love a good pair of genuinely worn-in jeans. Well, gonna wear in my high school flares some more. Been low energy lately, so hopefully some fun posts later instead of me rambling. :-D

Friday, November 8, 2013


Hello all! I'm here/back! I had technical difficulties this week, and to tell the truth, feeling uninspired. Had to rejuvenate the yoga practice and, in turn, rejuvenate my life. In terms of technical difficulties, well, BOTH of the mouses on my desktop were not working, (There's one that doesn't scroll well, but feels more comfortable for clicking around.) I thought it was a computer problem, but it turns out both of their batteries died at the same time... weird.

Anyway, feeling more like the self I want to be. More stuffs later, hopefully.

Smile. :-D

Monday, October 28, 2013

What to Watch: The Road

In the spirit of Halloween, how about something truly horrific: The Road (2009).

I morbidly love apocalypse movies. My favorite one is Children of Men, and just recently I saw The Road. I may be crazy, but I definitely want to get my emergency preparedness on.

Much like Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, Viggo Mortensen holds on the some semblance of the world before. He has babied and sheltered his son (as much as you can post-apocalype), who sees in black and white, and does not have a sense of survivalism.

"You mean you wish you were dead? ... You mustn't say that. It's a bad thing to say."
Viggo Mortensen says. Why would that be a horrible thing to say given the circumstances, especially when you yourself say that you won't be around forever.

I love the look of natural contemplation 25 minutes in right before Viggo drinks the Coke.

And what about the child actor when they show how skinny he is?

Perhaps the creepiest part is during the end credits where they play the simple sounds of birds, and mowing the lawn. A typical day in suburbia.

Indulge in the opening scenes pre-apocalypse. The rest of the movie is very gray.

Five Stars. Did not disappoint.

Maybe I'll do a "What I'd do during the Zombie Apocalypse" post.
Does anyone else enjoy contemplating that scenario?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Wondering what part of me thought this was an attractive color combination...

I'm not sure what part of me thought this was an attractive color combination. I'm guessing this was around 6th to 8th grade so mid-90's to early 2000's

Cannot believe it's been about 10 years. :-)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

DIY Makeup Palette, AGAIN!

I made another palette! This time it's from a hardcover book tutorial. I depotted all the Dollar Tree eyeshadows and glued them in. (It's not magnetic.) That's okay. I'm thinking of making tons of these and selling them -those will be magnetic. I'm having some good, clean fun with this DIY stuffs. Yeah, I know this one isn't exactly Etsy material, but I'm hoping that's because it's the first one. (First is the worst...)

[EDIT: No pics, but I didn't do a phenomenal job on them anyway. The pictures have been lost.]

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Save Ferris

Save Ferris is a ska band from the 90's -I guess it's more early 2000's since it came out in 1999. I haven't thought about these guys in a hot minute. If you've seen 10 Things I Hate About You you're slightly familiar with them (along with Letters to Cleo). 10 Things, by the way, another phenomenal soundtrack. And while we're on the topic of 90's teen movies, my faves are 10 Things, Can't Hardly Wait, Get Over It, and Josie and the Pussycats. Wow, I could totally go for a throwback movie day.

Well, I've been meaning to re-listen to Modified for a while now, and let me say that it didn't disappoint. Still as good as it was back in the day. Back when Best Buy was the bestest place ever(!!!) to get CDs. If you were into Pop Punk, you'll like the album -sometimes the guitar leans more pop punk than ska (has to do with the rhythm). If you're looking for something with a lot of energy, definitely listen to this. Somehow the lead, Monique Powell, has energetic yet soothing vocals.

This album is great if you're recovering from a break-up and you're either a.) not that devastated, or b.) not feeling devastated anymore. This kind of energy is a little unexplainable for me, but it's amazingly appropriate (not too in your face, mellow, but upbeat).

SERIOUSLY. SECOND CHANCE. LISTEN. Hopefully, you'll love it as much as I do.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Movie: It's Kind of a Funny Story

A movie I would have to recommend watching is It's Kind of a Funny Story. I wanted to see this movie when it first came out, and now, considering the circumstances, it's very relatable to me. I'll admit, I teared up at at the end of the pizza party scene.

The very end of the movie is pretty much what's going on with me right now. I need more "create" in the Connect, Consume, Create lifecycle. I may have fewer posts on here, or maybe today was just some writer's block. Either way, subscribe through BlogLovin'. And if you're interested in another movie related to mental illness, watch Warm Bodies and think of it as an allegory to depression and recovery. (When placed in that light, I was moved to tears.) Warm Bodies is just a phenomenal movie to begin.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Updatement: I'm back.

Well, this hiatus was extremely unexpected. I was hospitalized once again -the mania is living up to it's name. Now try to pair that with ADD. I couldn't count past sixty.

I get SAD in the summer. I hope this blog will keep me busy for years to come especially for those summers. No longer will a great outfit be wasted!

Been down in the dumps lately, so I'll try to get engrossed in the blog. I automatically try to have an optimistic voice and it actually helps. Expect more posts.

Also, check out my G+ for quick little snippets of stuff I like.

Something more entertaining to come. Promises.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There goes my gyro. (Watch him as he goes.)

Pizza. It's always pizza. I think I will always love pizza. Is there anyone that doesn't like pizza. Maybe when it's too hot. Boo, that pizza -too soon? (Ah, so random, but not really. I LITERALLY ate pizza for every meal yesterday.) WELL, today it's gyros. I'm not really striking out with gyros either. Gyros get bonus points for reheating phenomenally well. I've got three places I'd like to talk about: Wally's, Brandy's, and Little Angelo's.

Park Ridge, IL
(847) 825-2214
     An old friend of mine swears by Wally's. I've only had it twice it my lifetime. Once with him a long, long time ago (in a galaxy far away), and once recently with my mom after a doctor's appointment. And I was STARVING; The appointment was at 10 and I was there for about two hours without breakfast. I definitely scarfed it down AND it was absolutely delicious. Just wanna say I might be biased, but I'm going to get my butt back there sometime. A little too much meat though. I can't really complain, except I'm gonna complain about not be able to buy an extra pita... well, not that I know of. I was able to make an interesting gyro meat salad with a light tossing of tzatziki sauce. Strange though because it seems that they cut a pita in half and cut that half lengthwise... so it's like a schwarma. Oh yeah, cool things on the menu.... gotta have breaded mushrooms... they had breaded spicy peppers (don't know what kind, but they were long and thin, or huge and cut), and I gotta go back there to see what else.

Des Plaines, IL
(847) 299-1990
     This is my classic go-to. Also Absolutely Delicious. Will have to say this is my favorite place, still. Menu is VAST. ENORMOUS. INFINITE COMBOS. And a great selection of different types of food. I need to venture out more in the trying different things area, but I'm stuck on their awesome gyro. Delicious pita, also with the "problem" of too much meat. But, hey, guess what? Yes, you may buy an extra pita and extra sauce.

Rosemont, IL
(847) 298-2100
     Not as savory as the others and a little dry. It still tastes like a gyro, yet somehow my breath did not stay as gross as it normally gets with gyros. I'm pretty sure a glass of water got rid of most of the funk. The slices of meat are think and the actual gyro is huge and generous. VERY generous portions at Little Angelo's... Not a problem of too much meat. They somehow have the meat to pita proportion down. And a generous cup of tzatziki on the side. Little Angelo's used to be Rosati's which I'm a little more partial to probably because they were there first, but hey, they're both open 'til 4 am. -WHAT?!- I think Rosati's moved across the street by the Starbucks so they wouldn't need to pay as much tax. Either, or. They're actually both pizza places. Frickin' pizza available 'til 4 am? Yes. Please. I actually used to do chicken wings at 4 am. Miss those days.

And no, I can't say I eat like a dainty lady. :-T

 Title Post: Foo Fighters - My Hero

Friday, September 20, 2013

An awesome hobby for your local perfectionist.

Just browsing Pinterest when I came across this.

I've been dabbling in watercolors for about the past month now, and I MUST say they are phenomenal. I used to draw (not particularly well) as a kid and am still into arts & crafts/DIY, but watercolors is the perfect grown up relaxation hobby.

Go to your local Hobby Lobby, hobby store and find a set of watercolors that are more grown up than your typical Crayola set. (Best part is when you're done: MAGNETIC MAKEUP PALETTE!)

This is my set:

It should fit ELF (and then Mac) makeup pans perfectly when I'm done.

What I've been doing is relatively unstructured pictures. If it turns into something, it turns into something. I'm admiring the variances with brush strokes. While Pinteresting, I checked out more watercolor art, and oh my God, realistic type paintings are absolutely gorgeous!

The beauty is that the finished image can be nothing, intentional, or developed from both. The beauty of the medium itself is the simplicity... wet, paint, let dry. The beauty of the finished art is the variance of color due to the water to paint concentrations. Different application techniques, layering... can't think of anymore, but don't let me stop you...


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finally, makeup palette DIY

I loved this wallet:


Then, the clasp broke. Not safe for phone, and really annoying functionally.

Now what?

Well, me being the hoarder I am couldn't get myself to toss it. Especially, because it's pretty much the epitome of leopard print. But then, I got a bright idea. MAGNETIC MAKEUP PALETTE!!!

So, I definitely hasted and wasted this project a bit, but it'll be perfect NEXT time. I guess now will be the test run. I'm ok with that. I tend to learn "the hard way," aka figure out what DOESN'T work. Instead of doing it the right way, figure out how it's the wrong way.

I mean, I just put in the paper on the wrong side and it tore the corner when I switched it out... Then, I didn't glue down the mirror so it came loose and chipped... I think I need to pick up the smaller one anyway. It is a smidgen too big for it. I don't and won't even notice the errors, and perhaps it's for the best as the magnet is dirty already anyway.

Depotted my really old Urban Decay eyeshadows. (It's CLASSIC, at this point. -Giving it new life.) Then, my heart broke when all the Dollar Tree eyeshadows were NOT magnetic. OH MY GOD. This palette would've been so epic had they been magnetic. Le sigh.

Monday, September 16, 2013

OOTD: Brown Shorts, Button Up

Back in 2010, I would've called this my Sartorialist outfit... I still enjoy it very much. (Pair with tights if too cold.)

In other news, I totally cut my bangs this morning.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I love you, Dollar Tree. Yep, even more than Target.

So, wow. I love you, Dollar Tree. Crazy Glue (hopefully, works like crazy), eyeshadows, school supplies! Got an awesome pencil case. 8 eyeshadow palettes -ohmahgerd. (I can haz cheezeburger. ALL of the cheezeburgers.)
Gonna get my color on.

And then, I picked up ELF's Jet Setter Palette. $6.  Die.
Epically sexy packaging.

Erm... I should be good with eyeshadows for a long time. Pretty sure I hit all the colors I wanted to play with: grays, blues, greens, purples, some pinks, resurrect the gold because that's the trend now (a little old, but still there.)

Anyway, I'll see if I do anything spectacular with the makeups and post pictures on G+.

Friday, September 13, 2013

ELF Custom Compact

I've been getting into makeup as of late. I'm not particularly in a place to be indulging in tons of makeup, but I'm sure that's only temporary. I need to get in the swing of something for now.

A few weeks ago, I went to Target and they finally started carrying (or I just noticed) ELF products. Super excited. (!) So I picked up several different shadows on two different trips.

I was really excited for the idea of a custom compact. I had already heard of Urban Decay's version, and was able to get Teal and Purples, which was pretty much on the original UD list. So far I have: Pink Ice, Purple, Teal, Wisteria, Moondust, Ivory, and Peach Fizz (lost at the hospital along with awesome NYC plumping lip gloss -but it didn't plump that much.). Finally received the urge to play with colors with eyeshadows. I invested in UD's Naked Palettes, of course, but now am a little bored. [Side note: Mac pans also fit in there (pretty sure it's a standard size), so I'm guessing UD's will, too.]

So... I did Pink Ice highlight on brows (it's practically a nude on me) with Wisteria in the inner corner, and Purple on the outer corner with Moondust in the crease. The way Moondust and Purple mix together, you almost wouldn't notice at all. Staying power? Not too bad. Two thumbs.

Also, bought was a $1 ELF brush. Not a makeup artist so I already forgot what kind, but I think it said shadow brush anyway. I like it better than the Naked Palette brushes, and I don't think it's because I feel like I can abuse it more than the UD ones -i.e. I my guilt-free roughness with the ELF brush doesn't make a difference with the color concentration. There were also $1 spare plastic applicators that I picked up. Those are handy for all the ones that have broken down over time in the past. I kinda wish I hadn't thrown out my excess eyeshadows. My minimalistic senses told me I wouldn't use them again, but truthfully -either way-, it's about time for something new.

ELF To-Go Set (search on Target, but leave one for me!) and the Coastal Ultimate 252 Palette. I like the idea of the ELF set best because they're more portable (obviously), although I'll admit to never reapplying eyeshadow to go. AND superbly on sale NOW, please indulge yourself. I don't need this, but if you're into makeup, GO. FOR. IT.

Also bought ELF Tinted Moisturizer and thought it was a bit cakey, but now, it's grown on me, and I feel the cakey-ness is actually more concealing. I usually use Garnier BB Cream, and the formula does not have as great of coverage for 4-5x as much of the price. I really don't do foundation anymore because I think it's too heavy, but let me tell you what has worked amazingly in the past: Revlon Color Stay. I used True Beige 320.

And that is all for now. Sigh. This was a much better effort on here, than the draft on Weebly.

HAVE FUN. Play with color.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Eat This, Not That... Trust me, this is more satiating. (Pretzels & Mustard)

Yum. Yum. Yum. It's super healthy (compare to potato chips, chips & dips). It's pretzels and mustard.

[This is my lunch. AND I had pizza for breakfast. #collegestudentforever]

I think we all know about Synders of Hanover Honey Mustard & Onion pretzels. These you can experiment with. You can do microwave soft pretzels, but the appeal comes from the crunch of hard pretzels with the spice of Dijon mustard. From regular Dijon, French's Chardonnay Dijon, to my personal favorite of Honey Dijon (be careful with that one though, I'm pretty sure I can just turn the bottle upside down into my mouth).

The nice thing is that I'll eyeball the amount I want and I always seem to be full after.

Sigh. I love the way my mouth burns and my nose gets cleared. Do I dare drink a soda, too?


Monday, September 9, 2013

This is a continuation.

I definitely had a mania after a deep depression. It seems I get SAD during the summers. I woke up either on Wednesday or Thursday and then didn't sleep until Monday night at the earliest except for one hour. I lost track once I got to the emergency room, which I did NOT need to go to until my work thought I was too belligerent. [The irony was that I just got out of the depression and was adjusting to a new schedule. Then, at the hospital I was forced into a completely different, completely structured schedule, and once I got back, I pretty much had ANOTHER breakdown. -Doesn't function well in new situations.]

Here I am. It's all going to be ok. As I said to a friend on Facebook. I was manic. I was a God. It was (Sean William Scott) awesome.

I truly love writing, and blogging seems like the perfect thing for an introvert. On top of the fact that one can choose words that have more impact. I haven't discounted making videos, though. Me being narcissistic and unaware of my face (Some people can't feel their face when they're drunk; I never feel my face except for my lips.), find videos more beneficial and definitely more amusing. Not afraid to make a fool of myself -it just has to be THE. BEST. EVER (?). Arete, bitch! :-T

Soo... what I'm wearing... (This will get better once I have a iPhone tripod.)

This photo makes the olive look rich.

This is a better rep of the color. Finally, doin' an everyday skirt thing.

Gratuitous peek-a-boo bra shot (allegedly becoming a thing, now).

And this is my new favorite shrug, cardigan... always knew it was good but didn't realize I could drape it so beautifully. And check out the gorgeous knit!!! Priceless Goodwill find. (Erm... photos are different due to uploading on phone vs. desktop.)

<peek-a-boo bra | VS ~bralettes now available at Target!~  //  tank | Plato's Closet  //  cardigan | Goodwill  //  skirt | Armani Exchange via 2010>

Every outfit is my favorite outfit. Sometimes, I hate the point where I must shower and change my outfit. Nothing is ever as good... but then it is. :- )

Moment of Zen:

Hey, at least I got ONE video on here. The other ones are pretty bad. I'll have to resurrect my public speaking skills. Next time I'll use an outline... pay no attention to the index cards.

Oh yeah, and this isn't just another fashion blog (but it is another lifestyle blog). At least I'm still going more for Epic Journal Time and not trying to make it big. I AM gonna do stuffs! Promise!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Arm Party

Arm parties are soooo 2011.

Totally kidding. Mine is alive and well... Conceived earlier this month, I'm in love.

Top view:
 Bottom view:

It wasn't inspired by anything except the urge to layer. And, yes, those ARE hair ties. Let me go into detail, from top to bottom:

This golden/bronze beauty is from Savers. If you're an avid thrifter, then you should know of this place and if not... GO! A little pricier, it's less digging and more deciding. So on those days when you don't have the patience for a treasure hunt, you will still probably be able to walk away with something worthwhile.

HAIR TIES. [Insert convoluted story behind each one here.] (Actually, that sounds like a great creative writing idea.) If I remember correctly, this came about while cleaning up -kept finding hair ties on the floor, etc. and just put 'em on my arm.

Citizen watch
I had been after a watch for a while now. I had a gorgeous vintage one from the 80's that I found at Goodwill. I miss it (it broke) and wish I had at least taken a picture. I took it as a sign that when I tried it on, it fit perfectly. So, after realizing that I process the time much better when I read a face than digital numbers, I had been wanting a replacement. Enter Andrew from JJ's with a Citizen. I first noticed the wristband, then he mentioned it's SOLAR POWERED... (!) As far as I can tell, all of Citizen's watches are solar powered (Called "Eco-Drive"). Enter Macy's sale. Drawbacks: only water resistant, not waterproof, but for the price, still worth every penny.

Leather Wrap
This bracelet I've had since 2010. It's hands down a favorite of mine. It's from a Modern Philosophy on Etsy. Upon linking, I didn't see it there, but I'll bet anything you can find something similar on Etsy.

ACTION SHOT! (I like this one because I'm smiling, yet, look somewhat clueless.):