Sunday, August 18, 2013

Arm Party

Arm parties are soooo 2011.

Totally kidding. Mine is alive and well... Conceived earlier this month, I'm in love.

Top view:
 Bottom view:

It wasn't inspired by anything except the urge to layer. And, yes, those ARE hair ties. Let me go into detail, from top to bottom:

This golden/bronze beauty is from Savers. If you're an avid thrifter, then you should know of this place and if not... GO! A little pricier, it's less digging and more deciding. So on those days when you don't have the patience for a treasure hunt, you will still probably be able to walk away with something worthwhile.

HAIR TIES. [Insert convoluted story behind each one here.] (Actually, that sounds like a great creative writing idea.) If I remember correctly, this came about while cleaning up -kept finding hair ties on the floor, etc. and just put 'em on my arm.

Citizen watch
I had been after a watch for a while now. I had a gorgeous vintage one from the 80's that I found at Goodwill. I miss it (it broke) and wish I had at least taken a picture. I took it as a sign that when I tried it on, it fit perfectly. So, after realizing that I process the time much better when I read a face than digital numbers, I had been wanting a replacement. Enter Andrew from JJ's with a Citizen. I first noticed the wristband, then he mentioned it's SOLAR POWERED... (!) As far as I can tell, all of Citizen's watches are solar powered (Called "Eco-Drive"). Enter Macy's sale. Drawbacks: only water resistant, not waterproof, but for the price, still worth every penny.

Leather Wrap
This bracelet I've had since 2010. It's hands down a favorite of mine. It's from a Modern Philosophy on Etsy. Upon linking, I didn't see it there, but I'll bet anything you can find something similar on Etsy.

ACTION SHOT! (I like this one because I'm smiling, yet, look somewhat clueless.):