Friday, September 20, 2013

An awesome hobby for your local perfectionist.

Just browsing Pinterest when I came across this.

I've been dabbling in watercolors for about the past month now, and I MUST say they are phenomenal. I used to draw (not particularly well) as a kid and am still into arts & crafts/DIY, but watercolors is the perfect grown up relaxation hobby.

Go to your local Hobby Lobby, hobby store and find a set of watercolors that are more grown up than your typical Crayola set. (Best part is when you're done: MAGNETIC MAKEUP PALETTE!)

This is my set:

It should fit ELF (and then Mac) makeup pans perfectly when I'm done.

What I've been doing is relatively unstructured pictures. If it turns into something, it turns into something. I'm admiring the variances with brush strokes. While Pinteresting, I checked out more watercolor art, and oh my God, realistic type paintings are absolutely gorgeous!

The beauty is that the finished image can be nothing, intentional, or developed from both. The beauty of the medium itself is the simplicity... wet, paint, let dry. The beauty of the finished art is the variance of color due to the water to paint concentrations. Different application techniques, layering... can't think of anymore, but don't let me stop you...


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