Friday, September 13, 2013

ELF Custom Compact

I've been getting into makeup as of late. I'm not particularly in a place to be indulging in tons of makeup, but I'm sure that's only temporary. I need to get in the swing of something for now.

A few weeks ago, I went to Target and they finally started carrying (or I just noticed) ELF products. Super excited. (!) So I picked up several different shadows on two different trips.

I was really excited for the idea of a custom compact. I had already heard of Urban Decay's version, and was able to get Teal and Purples, which was pretty much on the original UD list. So far I have: Pink Ice, Purple, Teal, Wisteria, Moondust, Ivory, and Peach Fizz (lost at the hospital along with awesome NYC plumping lip gloss -but it didn't plump that much.). Finally received the urge to play with colors with eyeshadows. I invested in UD's Naked Palettes, of course, but now am a little bored. [Side note: Mac pans also fit in there (pretty sure it's a standard size), so I'm guessing UD's will, too.]

So... I did Pink Ice highlight on brows (it's practically a nude on me) with Wisteria in the inner corner, and Purple on the outer corner with Moondust in the crease. The way Moondust and Purple mix together, you almost wouldn't notice at all. Staying power? Not too bad. Two thumbs.

Also, bought was a $1 ELF brush. Not a makeup artist so I already forgot what kind, but I think it said shadow brush anyway. I like it better than the Naked Palette brushes, and I don't think it's because I feel like I can abuse it more than the UD ones -i.e. I my guilt-free roughness with the ELF brush doesn't make a difference with the color concentration. There were also $1 spare plastic applicators that I picked up. Those are handy for all the ones that have broken down over time in the past. I kinda wish I hadn't thrown out my excess eyeshadows. My minimalistic senses told me I wouldn't use them again, but truthfully -either way-, it's about time for something new.

ELF To-Go Set (search on Target, but leave one for me!) and the Coastal Ultimate 252 Palette. I like the idea of the ELF set best because they're more portable (obviously), although I'll admit to never reapplying eyeshadow to go. AND superbly on sale NOW, please indulge yourself. I don't need this, but if you're into makeup, GO. FOR. IT.

Also bought ELF Tinted Moisturizer and thought it was a bit cakey, but now, it's grown on me, and I feel the cakey-ness is actually more concealing. I usually use Garnier BB Cream, and the formula does not have as great of coverage for 4-5x as much of the price. I really don't do foundation anymore because I think it's too heavy, but let me tell you what has worked amazingly in the past: Revlon Color Stay. I used True Beige 320.

And that is all for now. Sigh. This was a much better effort on here, than the draft on Weebly.

HAVE FUN. Play with color.

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