Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Finally, makeup palette DIY

I loved this wallet:


Then, the clasp broke. Not safe for phone, and really annoying functionally.

Now what?

Well, me being the hoarder I am couldn't get myself to toss it. Especially, because it's pretty much the epitome of leopard print. But then, I got a bright idea. MAGNETIC MAKEUP PALETTE!!!

So, I definitely hasted and wasted this project a bit, but it'll be perfect NEXT time. I guess now will be the test run. I'm ok with that. I tend to learn "the hard way," aka figure out what DOESN'T work. Instead of doing it the right way, figure out how it's the wrong way.

I mean, I just put in the paper on the wrong side and it tore the corner when I switched it out... Then, I didn't glue down the mirror so it came loose and chipped... I think I need to pick up the smaller one anyway. It is a smidgen too big for it. I don't and won't even notice the errors, and perhaps it's for the best as the magnet is dirty already anyway.

Depotted my really old Urban Decay eyeshadows. (It's CLASSIC, at this point. -Giving it new life.) Then, my heart broke when all the Dollar Tree eyeshadows were NOT magnetic. OH MY GOD. This palette would've been so epic had they been magnetic. Le sigh.

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