Sunday, September 15, 2013

I love you, Dollar Tree. Yep, even more than Target.

So, wow. I love you, Dollar Tree. Crazy Glue (hopefully, works like crazy), eyeshadows, school supplies! Got an awesome pencil case. 8 eyeshadow palettes -ohmahgerd. (I can haz cheezeburger. ALL of the cheezeburgers.)
Gonna get my color on.

And then, I picked up ELF's Jet Setter Palette. $6.  Die.
Epically sexy packaging.

Erm... I should be good with eyeshadows for a long time. Pretty sure I hit all the colors I wanted to play with: grays, blues, greens, purples, some pinks, resurrect the gold because that's the trend now (a little old, but still there.)

Anyway, I'll see if I do anything spectacular with the makeups and post pictures on G+.

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