Tuesday, September 24, 2013

There goes my gyro. (Watch him as he goes.)

Pizza. It's always pizza. I think I will always love pizza. Is there anyone that doesn't like pizza. Maybe when it's too hot. Boo, that pizza -too soon? (Ah, so random, but not really. I LITERALLY ate pizza for every meal yesterday.) WELL, today it's gyros. I'm not really striking out with gyros either. Gyros get bonus points for reheating phenomenally well. I've got three places I'd like to talk about: Wally's, Brandy's, and Little Angelo's.

Park Ridge, IL
(847) 825-2214
     An old friend of mine swears by Wally's. I've only had it twice it my lifetime. Once with him a long, long time ago (in a galaxy far away), and once recently with my mom after a doctor's appointment. And I was STARVING; The appointment was at 10 and I was there for about two hours without breakfast. I definitely scarfed it down AND it was absolutely delicious. Just wanna say I might be biased, but I'm going to get my butt back there sometime. A little too much meat though. I can't really complain, except I'm gonna complain about not be able to buy an extra pita... well, not that I know of. I was able to make an interesting gyro meat salad with a light tossing of tzatziki sauce. Strange though because it seems that they cut a pita in half and cut that half lengthwise... so it's like a schwarma. Oh yeah, cool things on the menu.... gotta have breaded mushrooms... they had breaded spicy peppers (don't know what kind, but they were long and thin, or huge and cut), and I gotta go back there to see what else.

Des Plaines, IL
(847) 299-1990
     This is my classic go-to. Also Absolutely Delicious. Will have to say this is my favorite place, still. Menu is VAST. ENORMOUS. INFINITE COMBOS. And a great selection of different types of food. I need to venture out more in the trying different things area, but I'm stuck on their awesome gyro. Delicious pita, also with the "problem" of too much meat. But, hey, guess what? Yes, you may buy an extra pita and extra sauce.

Rosemont, IL
(847) 298-2100
     Not as savory as the others and a little dry. It still tastes like a gyro, yet somehow my breath did not stay as gross as it normally gets with gyros. I'm pretty sure a glass of water got rid of most of the funk. The slices of meat are think and the actual gyro is huge and generous. VERY generous portions at Little Angelo's... Not a problem of too much meat. They somehow have the meat to pita proportion down. And a generous cup of tzatziki on the side. Little Angelo's used to be Rosati's which I'm a little more partial to probably because they were there first, but hey, they're both open 'til 4 am. -WHAT?!- I think Rosati's moved across the street by the Starbucks so they wouldn't need to pay as much tax. Either, or. They're actually both pizza places. Frickin' pizza available 'til 4 am? Yes. Please. I actually used to do chicken wings at 4 am. Miss those days.

And no, I can't say I eat like a dainty lady. :-T

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