Monday, September 9, 2013

This is a continuation.

I definitely had a mania after a deep depression. It seems I get SAD during the summers. I woke up either on Wednesday or Thursday and then didn't sleep until Monday night at the earliest except for one hour. I lost track once I got to the emergency room, which I did NOT need to go to until my work thought I was too belligerent. [The irony was that I just got out of the depression and was adjusting to a new schedule. Then, at the hospital I was forced into a completely different, completely structured schedule, and once I got back, I pretty much had ANOTHER breakdown. -Doesn't function well in new situations.]

Here I am. It's all going to be ok. As I said to a friend on Facebook. I was manic. I was a God. It was (Sean William Scott) awesome.

I truly love writing, and blogging seems like the perfect thing for an introvert. On top of the fact that one can choose words that have more impact. I haven't discounted making videos, though. Me being narcissistic and unaware of my face (Some people can't feel their face when they're drunk; I never feel my face except for my lips.), find videos more beneficial and definitely more amusing. Not afraid to make a fool of myself -it just has to be THE. BEST. EVER (?). Arete, bitch! :-T

Soo... what I'm wearing... (This will get better once I have a iPhone tripod.)

This photo makes the olive look rich.

This is a better rep of the color. Finally, doin' an everyday skirt thing.

Gratuitous peek-a-boo bra shot (allegedly becoming a thing, now).

And this is my new favorite shrug, cardigan... always knew it was good but didn't realize I could drape it so beautifully. And check out the gorgeous knit!!! Priceless Goodwill find. (Erm... photos are different due to uploading on phone vs. desktop.)

<peek-a-boo bra | VS ~bralettes now available at Target!~  //  tank | Plato's Closet  //  cardigan | Goodwill  //  skirt | Armani Exchange via 2010>

Every outfit is my favorite outfit. Sometimes, I hate the point where I must shower and change my outfit. Nothing is ever as good... but then it is. :- )

Moment of Zen:

Hey, at least I got ONE video on here. The other ones are pretty bad. I'll have to resurrect my public speaking skills. Next time I'll use an outline... pay no attention to the index cards.

Oh yeah, and this isn't just another fashion blog (but it is another lifestyle blog). At least I'm still going more for Epic Journal Time and not trying to make it big. I AM gonna do stuffs! Promise!

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