Monday, October 28, 2013

What to Watch: The Road

In the spirit of Halloween, how about something truly horrific: The Road (2009).

I morbidly love apocalypse movies. My favorite one is Children of Men, and just recently I saw The Road. I may be crazy, but I definitely want to get my emergency preparedness on.

Much like Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead, Viggo Mortensen holds on the some semblance of the world before. He has babied and sheltered his son (as much as you can post-apocalype), who sees in black and white, and does not have a sense of survivalism.

"You mean you wish you were dead? ... You mustn't say that. It's a bad thing to say."
Viggo Mortensen says. Why would that be a horrible thing to say given the circumstances, especially when you yourself say that you won't be around forever.

I love the look of natural contemplation 25 minutes in right before Viggo drinks the Coke.

And what about the child actor when they show how skinny he is?

Perhaps the creepiest part is during the end credits where they play the simple sounds of birds, and mowing the lawn. A typical day in suburbia.

Indulge in the opening scenes pre-apocalypse. The rest of the movie is very gray.

Five Stars. Did not disappoint.

Maybe I'll do a "What I'd do during the Zombie Apocalypse" post.
Does anyone else enjoy contemplating that scenario?

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