Monday, November 25, 2013

Wardrobe Culling

Gosh darn it. I realized I don't have a picture of... My wardrobe castoffs!

Lately, I've been trying to cull my wardrobe. Honestly, I haven't gotten rid of anything groundbreaking, but I still got rid of a bunch of stuff the other day.

Feels nice and I want to do more.

This post was most inspirational. My words were: effortless, stylish, powerful, vibrant/vivacious/dynamic. (Runners up: chic, sophisticated, elegant.)

Now, for me to truly have this type of wardrobe, I would eschew everything but black and simply dress it up with scarves.

I'm not ready to take that plunge.

My current wardrobe is pretty diverse, and I've been labeled as a mood dresser. I love, love, love black, cognac browns, olive, maroon, and pink. I have some chocolate brown items that are simply wonderful. They're staying! Then, I have navy and white to go together, and a countless amount of jeans (trust me, I have a lot).

And I have a WIDE variety shoes. Dress it up! Dress it down! Sneaks! Boots! Heels! Ballet flats! Treat yo self! I MAY begin the painful process of getting rid of my heels as I don't really have anywhere to wear them and when I do, I feel overdressed. I may also work on just owning it.

What's up with your wardrobe? Leave a comment below/link to a post! I wanna see!

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