Thursday, December 5, 2013

I thought I would share, my new love of the classic white button up.

Ok, so I'm rockin' a side braid here, but it's clean, I swear. In the background, I've got my sewing machine, eBay stuffs, and inspiration board/to do board (it's more a to do board). Sewing machine is a humble mender, but some skirts have been transformed into dresses. I just do simple sewing, so disclaimer!

So, I don't normally wear plain white button up, but yesterday I was like, I need to wear these friggin' things because I haven't gotten rid of them, why am I not doing this.... (Oh yeah, confession, I wore this last night, but I showered at night too!). So I did. And it worked out swimmingly. In trying to take pictures, I saw how non-photogenic this outfit was, but honestly, I feel effortless, stylish, and powerful. Simple semi-dark wash jeans and Target's amazing Kailyn boots in black. (Seriously, pick up a pair, they are so versatile! I almost want to get the brown ones. I got them a while back, but they are still available!)

Downside about white is that it's a detailed journal about what you ate and drank that day. Haven't spilled any coffee on myself, yet! Oh yeah, and then needing to wash your hands right after applying makeup.

I think it's really the scarves though. Scarves have been my jam lately (finally, getting use out of them! -I used to be a knitted scarf kinda girl). And they will be for a long, long time.

Anyone have scarf porn?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Project

New Project: Bored Binder

Hahaha! Seems like a suburban mom thing, but I've had a problem with not knowing what to do with myself lately; I'm going to make a Bored Binder...

Actually, now that I think of it, I probably need several different binders for different things.

A.K.A. I'm going to work on getting organized...

I'm sort of SO organized that my binder is acting as an archive. I need to actually USE IT!

No pics. Sorry, I'm sitting here with a side braid and yoga pants. I'll get on it. Deets to come!