Monday, April 21, 2014

Paper Arts (notebooks, sketchpads, cards)

If you're like me, you love the act of writing. I've kept a journal since 5th grade, and while my current journaling is much different from what it used to be, I still love finding beautiful notebooks to write in. And while digital mediums have become increasingly more and more popular, I find that the notebooks have become more and more beautiful.

I like to frequent Barnes and Noble for instant gratification, but if you want some really beautiful notebooks, check out these sites: Papaya Art & Paperchase.

I personally like Papaya Art's products and art the best. Paperchase is less artsy, and more practical, but both sites offer a wide array of products (including, but not limited to gorgeous totes and keychains on Papaya Art).

Some examples from Papaya Art (two notebooks and a legal pad):

Paperchase's website doesn't allow for downloading photos, but if Papaya Art isn't your style, you'll definitely find something at Paperchase -there are a variety prints and styles featured.

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