Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Product Reviews & Empties!

Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Bronzer & Blush
I'm not a bronzer person, but I thought I've give this a try. It was my first foray into contouring, but just barely so. The bronzer does NOT have much coverage. The blush is nice and subtle and doable, but the bronzer doesn't offer much coverage, even over foundation -even as a contour. There's no definition happening there. I'll wear it at home, just to use it up, but I wouldn't reach for it otherwise. (If I want to be productive at home, I need to be wearing makeup and shoes.) In short, don't get suckered by the packaging... I thought this would be a great starter for contouring, but the bronzer doesn't really do anything.

My Empties
So here's a review of my two empties:

EradiKate by Kate Somerville is a godsend. It's a great spot treatment for pimples you already have. Really does the job, and does it quick! I would repurchase.

I also used up the Almay Clear Complexion Blemish Heal.... didn't really do much in terms of preventing blemishes, and allegedly has "Blemish Heal Technology." I would have to say that just using Tea Tree Oil all over my skin after washing it made my skin clear up. Probably not going to repurchase. I'm personally a Revlon ColorStay girl, myself.

Later Loves!

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