Wednesday, June 18, 2014

How are you Happier?

Disclaimer: I review stuffs on here, and I'm going to do more. I am not paid in any way to do these, I just want to share what I like, and what brings me joy.

So I've been diggin' the Happier app. As far as I know it's for iPhone. Basically, it's a gratitude journal. The nice thing is that you can include photos.

They say those who recall/write down one thing that made them happier a day ARE happier. Honestly, I believe in that. I feel as if I'm a little bit happier than normal after having started doing it.

For me, since I don't have any friends on it, it's semi-private, but it's just like any other social media site with a feed.

In short, everyone should have this app! The app makes it easy to remember the good in your day. C'mon, you should've been happy at least once in a day! So download the app, take a picture, and write about something that made you happy today. The act of doing it will make you happy in and of itself.

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