Monday, June 16, 2014

I shouldn't deny myself...

Welp. Haven't been blogging. Since we last left off, the Blackhawks were in the playoffs. Well, they are no longer.

I've been busy lately, but honestly my life has been revolving around food. And this blog is for my own enjoyment. I said I won't post about food or makeup anymore, but why should I deny myself the joy about writing about what makes me happier in my life?

Here goes...

I made an easy garlic-avocado spread for toast the other day:
I used a full bulb of garlic for two avocados. I suggest half a bulb per two avocados. It was still delicious though! Held me over ALL day. [RECIPE: Roast garlic covered in olive oil @ 450 degrees for half an hour. Mash into avocodos. Spread on toast.  Garnish with salt and pepper to taste.]

I love garlic. Make the whole bulb to eat the roasted garlic with crackers. (Yes, you can and should do that!) And actually, the garlic rounds out the avocados very well, and the avocados neutralize the bad-breath qualities of the garlic.

Made this more recently:
They are avocado fries. Very yummy. Paired with a burger...

Life's been good. Since I last updated, I went to Wanderlust Yoga in the City (Chicago obviously-click-through for my post on my yoga blog), and the Taste of Randolph to see Minus the Bear.

Two of my friends were wearing matching jackets. I felt like I had bodyguards. At one point, I think I heard someone yell "WHO IS THAT?," while we held hands trying to make it out of there. Should've kept my sunglasses on all night. :-P


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