Saturday, July 19, 2014

Essie Collection

I'm on a nail polish binge.

The thing with nail polish is that you can't put it on everyday. Both a blessing and a curse. You can enjoy the color of your nails, if you really like the color... but if you're fickle... well, hope you have steady hands.

Sinful is a close runner up of colors I'm digging, but Essie, I think, will always be my favorite.

From the back, left to right like a book: Aruba Blue, Sew Psyched, Beach Bum Blu, Go Overboard, Trophy Wife, Mink Muffs, It's Genius, Buy Me A Cameo, Eternal Optimist, Mademoiselle, Smokin' Hot

I can't put my finger one it, but I feel like all the colors are unified by an undertone. Or at least the similar colors. They all play well together, and all of the hues are just gorgeous. My only complaint is that I wish Mademoiselle was more opaque, and in Go Overboard, the hues are separating.

Just thought I'd share!

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