Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bars with great food!

Tap House
1472 Market St
Des Plaines, IL

Tap House has an amazing beer collection. That being said, I don't like to drink alcohol while I eat.

Aside from that there's a great food selection.

I've gotten grilled cheese, the mushroom press, and the BLT. My favorite was probably the BLT, but I think that's just what I like to eat lately. Plus, tater tots are an option. Woo!

It's open somewhat late... if you're out past 1 am, the next place is a better option.

Five Grilled Cheese (Sorry for the blurry picture, but look how huge it is!)

Tater Tots and Tomato Basil dipping sauce
Whiskey River
702 River Rd
Mt Prospect, IL 60056

Whiskey River, formally Dick's River Road House, has revamped their style: a country theme with a wider selection of food, but still about the same as the old 4 am bar we know and love.

We were in an American "comfort food" mood, and this place hit it out of the park.

The Beer Can Chicken was unbelievably tender, and the ribs were pretty decent. Let me tell you, you must get mashed potatoes. They were so buttery and creamy. The cornbread is pretty yummy, also.

This is the only place that I know of around here where you get to drink out of mason jars.

Beware the mannequin in the Ladies' Room. It is thoroughly creepy, even the second time you go in.

Also, we decided that the real name of the bar is Whiskey Dick's. NSFW :-P

Hope you check these places out and enjoy them as much as I did!

Later, Lovelies!

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