Monday, December 8, 2014

Revlon Colorstay Foundation

Revlon Colorstay Foundation is honestly my holy grail for foundations. I've tried a handful of other drugstore foundations and tinted moisturizer, but this is the best. NOTE: ELF Tinted Moisturizer is probably my second favorite of them all lately -especially when you take price and coverage into account.

I've tried both the liquid and whipped versions of Revlon Colorstay... I'm in 320 True Beige. I really don't think I'll stray far from this foundation mostly because the color match (for me) is sooooo goooood.

Actually, it's because of this that I've stocked up on it while it was on sale. And because of this, this will probably be the last makeup review post I have for a while. I'm working on a couple things that are on they way out: the Olay CC Cream, the Neutrogena Eye Brightening Concealer, my shampoo and conditioner, and my huge bottle of lotion.

I feel like once I hit a point where there's nothing really on it's last legs, I'll film (?!) an empties video. You will all get to see how awkward I am!

Or how lovely.

Just like you!

Have a great weekend, loves!

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