Friday, January 9, 2015

New Year, New Me? Not really.

The holiday season begins just after Halloween and comes to a head during Christmas. For me, the New Year is a laid-back holiday until the night of. Then, a week later it's my birthday -right after all the hustle and bustle. It's quiet. It's reserved. But it's nice when it's acknowledged.

New Year, new me? Not really.

But I am clearing out and uncluttering. Right now, I've got a lot of places of backlog or clutter in general. It just seems to be everywhere!!! Closet, to-do lists, online, files. I'm just overwhelmed.

I've been trying to take a break in general to clean all this out. That's what I'm doing right now. Life just gets in the way, and life creates it. I even have a backlog of blog posts that need to be finished! This is a lower priority though.

My goal is to get to a point where there is no backlog. I just want to single-task and do what I need to do as it arises.

That sounds so nice.

It's a new year, but not a new me... maybe a lighter one though.

Any tips on clutter clearing are welcome!

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