Friday, February 20, 2015

Alaskan Bush People (plus Drinking Game!)

I'm currently addicted to the show, Alaskan Bush People. It's only on its second season, but am I ever entertained.

It's one of those shows you stumble upon and don't take too seriously until it's too late. Then you catch up and are heartbroken when you have to wait for the next episode.

Should be available On Demand on the Discovery Channel. Tonight is the Mid-Season finale so catch up for its return! (The first season is only five episodes.)

And by the way, here's a drinking game!
(It's a bit much, but once you get into it, you'll understand! Side note: I didn't make this up myself! Some of these seem mean-spirited to me, but when I've been drinking... Well...)

1. Drink two when a quote in the preview is said.
2. Drink when the score is much more epic than the situation requires.
3. Drink when a "huge" problem is resolved quickly.
4. Drink when you think Matt is weird or gets "crazy eyes."
5. Drink when Noah says something creepy/poetic.
6. Drink when Rainey is apathetic.
7. Finish your drink when an animal dies.
8. Drink when Snowbird says she's one of the guys.
9. Finish your drink when a barter is completed.
10. Drink when Billy tells someone to stop screwing around.
11. Drink when Bam acts like a crotchety old man.
12. Drink when Bear runs unnecessarily.
13. Drink when Mr. Cupcake is mentioned.

Alaskan Bush People on The Discovery Channel Fridays 10/9C

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