Sunday, February 8, 2015

Nifty Thrifty Tag

This tag was going around the YouTube-osphere a while back. Here's my (non-videoed) take on it!

1. Most expensive thing you've thrifted:
I thrifted a bike from Savers for $49.99. I haven't gotten around to refilling the tires with air, but I'm looking forward to some jaunts on it this summer.

2. Least expensive thing you've thrifted:
Plates, mugs, & glasses for $.49. I have an affinity for these, but need to have some self control because you only need so many!
Little plates like these come in handy for soap dishes, plate stands, and accessory corralling. 

3. Favorite thing you've thrifted:
Three-way tie! I can't help it! I love my floral blouse with sheer sleeves, my green 90's sleeveless maxi, and my ugly grandpa sweater.
1. 90's green maxi   2. Grandpa sweater   3. Floral blouse

4. Most regretted purchase:
A lovely, but never worn fur mink stole.

5. Favorite thrift store:
No preference. Plato's for on-trend clothes, Savers for a nicer selection, and Goodwill for the thrill of the hunt, vintage-y pieces.

6. Weirdest thing you've thrifted:
A light blue vintage maxi sleeping dress/slip. I was going to wear it for Halloween as a "sexy" (ish) Cinderella, but decided against it.

7. Most worn thrifted item:
Oh gosh. There are a couple. I'd say, any shorts from Plato's Closet. Wore them everyday this summer!

8. Favorite thrift experience:
Anytime I'm with the S.O., thrifting with my friend T in Missouri.

9. Best thrift deal:
A gray Gap cardigan with brown elbow patches or my DVF luggage/overnight bag.

10. Longest owned thrifted item:
It's all such a blur that I have to cop out and go with my Polo sweaters I got off eBay in 2008. I got one at the outlet and needed more. They're cropped hoodies, and they're my absolute favorite! I'm actually wearing my navy one right now! The ones with pockets have holes, and I'm hoping to get a couple more years out of them. I don't know what I'll do when they're gone!

11. Favorite thrifted fashion trend:
Big cozy grandpa sweaters. If you can style it in a way that you can wear it out of the house without embarrassment, you've won.
I also love floral.

Send me a link if you do this!

Later, Lovelies!

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