Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My Minimalism

What's sexy? Minimalism.

Burgeoning since 2010ish with the rise a minimalist blogs...

Create the life you want.

Never work for anyone again.

See the world.

Live out of a backpack.

Live in a house with 400 square feet.

Be debt free! Cash only!

But it's hard. Seems easy enough: get rid of your stuff. But dang. Emotional attachment. Hobbies. Etc.

I've been on this journey and my minimalism is definitely not sexy. And considering my circumstances, I would have to say it's a product of necessity.

I've been trying to get out of a scarcity mindset. Two things I try to keep in mind are the abundance mindset and The Law of Attraction.

I want my minimalism to be sexy. Like super sexy.

Minimalist yogi?

Sounds enlightened!

But I LOVE a lot of my things. I need help. It's not that I don't value my relationships. It's that I don't need a lot from my relationships.

Things don't judge me. It's hard for me to make close friendships and often worry of judgment. And let's face it, I'm far from perfect, but at least I'm less concerned about being judged these days. And actually, I've been creating some new friendships as of late.

I'm enjoying cosmetics and toiletries to fulfill my "use it up," decluttering bug. "Use it up, wear it out. Make it do or do without." This has been a mantra.

Another mantra is, "you can't do it all, but you can do something." In previous posts, I mentioned a no-buy. Well, truth is, I'm going to buy things. It's not a TRUE no-buy, but instead, I will be putting a lot of thought into my purchases. Conscious consumerism takes a lot of thoughtfulness, I've realized. In the past, I'd buy things I'd use, but didn't necessarily need. We really don't need much. I'm fighting to get out of debt, so even if I want and could really use new jeans and a lunch box, I might have to wait a bit. Life is the aggregate of all the actions we take throughout the day, accumulating to months, years, and lifetimes.

Minimalism has been something I've been interested in since first reading about it on a blog... It was a long time ago (circa 2010), and I don't remember which blog it was. I can tell you that it was probably Zen Habits by Leo Babuta. Some other awesome reads are Becoming Minimalist and Be More with Less. The Minimalists exploded. And I have to do a quick shout out to Everett Bogue who "dropped the mic" so hard on Far Beyond the Stars. But if you're here, you've probably already heard of these...

I am in no way close to some of the minimalist super heroes out there. I have a somewhat extensive wardrobe with accessories, but I do like to be mindful, and try to minimize the amount of waste I produce... (Gosh darn toiletries. I try to buy in larger volumes to reduce waste. At least its something...)

I thoroughly enjoy makeup, but I don't have much more than I need with the exception of eyeshadow. I have followed makeup gurus on YouTube, so I have a more involved routine. But I haven't gotten into contouring yet! Unless you're a guru, you just need enough to make you feel (more) confident (even if that's none at all!). After all, it usually ends up down the drain or on a wipe. I say, buy what does it's job, but feel free to splurge at Sephora if it's worth it to you. For example, I'd splurge on Sephora's Cream Lip Stain. I like any makeup look that doesn't require touch-ups, and according to the reviews they're worth it! Plus, how often is it that you fully use up a lip product? They last forever! Makeup gives me that extra confidence boost, even if it's just a bit of concealer.

Some priorities I have are reducing waste and sustainable consumerism. I'm not (yet) highly concerned about what chemicals I'm exposing myself to (see also: makeup -but I have avoided buying soaps with plastic beads) or animal cruelty. The whole thing a lot to digest, so I've started on some baby steps.

Sustainable clothing is a whole 'nother ball game. There will probably be more posts in the future on this.

Cotton takes a lot of water to produce in its final form. Synthetic takes oil. I'm a blooming yogini, but I like leather, and it's bio-degradable. My advice would be (kinda woo-woo) to send gratitude into the ether for your leather product and refrain from buying duplicates, rather buy a replacement when needed. Maybe try to find ethical vendors. Another great way is to buy used. Give it a second life-cycle and keep it out of a landfill. I bought Emu (Ugg) boots without realizing the animal cruelty they are produced with. I DID realize that I love those things. I'll buy used from eBay next time.

And yes, I'm coveting a Tiny House.

Minimalist peeve: Minimalize. I'm pretty sure it's NOT a word and grates on me every. time. Minimize, people, minimize!

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Feel ever so free to leave one. I could probably talk about this for days, and, in truth, I should commit more time to it.

Live lovely,

Sunday, May 24, 2015

INTJ Insights

Out of pure curiosity, I took a personality test. No, I did not come across it on Buzzfeed. ;-) I found it on 16personalities which is very comprehensive.

My result was INTJ "The Architect" and it was very spot on. What I like about this site is that it's user friendly and doesn't require much interpretation. It spells it out for you.

What I also love, is that it's given me great insight to aspects I inherently, but not explicitly knew.

For example, I work best alone. I'm going to embrace my introversion and try to find better jobs and career paths than what I had previously been looking at.

I've fully realized my love of dark humor, hence my love of Peep Show. If you read that post and checked it out, you might've been disturbed.

I'm also embracing my bookishness. I've been unapologetically reading a heck of a lot lately, and I may even pursue a Masters in Library Science. Upon so much reflection of what I want to do with my life, this just makes sense.

Another insight for me is that this personality type is very rare in women, not to mention it's only 0.8% of the population. Such a sigh of relief! (Maybe I AM a unique snowflake!;-) ) I enjoy people, but as an introvert I need time to recharge. I've found it hard to make close friends, and now I know why.

All these explicit insights have been life-changing. I mean, it's nothing MAJOR, but it could be in the future. I feel like it's given me a better direction and I won't try to be something I'm not. It's not that I was fake, it's more like it seems as if I'm at the bottom of a funnel instead of on top -with a focus.

Some famous INTJs: Thomas Jefferson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Richard Gene, among several politicians.
Some famous fictional INTJ's: Katniss Everdeen, Gandalf the Gray, Walter White and House.

Any other lost Millennials out there?

Here's to getting it together if you haven't already!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Books as of Late

I've been reading a lot lately, both fiction and non-fiction. Some things worth reading about, some a quick read, and some I was only determined to finish for no other reason than to finish. (I know it's a sunk cost, but my slight OCD gets the best of me.)

I recently finished reading The Hunger Games series last month. A long time coming, it didn't disappoint.

Katniss Everdeen is an INTJ just like me...

I was wondering why I loved this character so much, then I took a personality test that said that Katniss is a fictional example of an INTJ.

The ending of Mockingjay felt weak, but I don't know that I could have done better. I would have liked a deeper explanation of what Panem became afterward. I have a thing for dystopian futures: Children of Men, The Road, 1984. This was a great addition to my favorites, but the ending didn't quite do it for me.

Still, it's a great read! Highly recommended.

I'm moving onto Game of Thrones now. A herculean task. I've already read the first book, but that was a while ago, so I'm going to re-read it and plow through the rest of the series. Should be pure awesomeness.

I watch the show, and let me just say I have lots of love for a lot of characters, but there's something about Petyr Baelish and Sansa Stark's relationship. I'm aware of there's a disparity between the books and the show, but I guess I'll get around to it soon enough.

Each bookmark is for when someone dies.

P.S.: Alaskan Bush People comes back next Friday!