Friday, June 5, 2015


Spring cleaning is in the air. Well, for me, it's really that I've decided that I'm not going to lose much weight anytime soon. So out the skinny clothes go! I trashed about 7 lbs (not all of it, just the stuff that Goodwill wouldn't even sell). So, after trashing my old comforter, I've got about 10 lbs of fabric trash. I think next time I will bring my trash to Goodwill. I'll mark it "salvage" so the employees will know not to waste too much time on looking through it. (There's a lot I could get into about the resale market, but that's a whole other post!) The rest of my stuff I'm going to try to sell. And here's an update/list of the stuff I trashed, stuff I'm going to sell, and stuff I've sold already.

White Mizzou Hoodie

White Nightie

Blue & Yellow Hawaiian Sundress
I decided that what I was going to miss the most about most of these things are the patterns/graphics.

Blue Hawaiian Sundress
Take a picture and let it go.

Green 33 Varsity 3/4 Sleeve Tee

Red A|X Tee

Hollister Bootcut Distressed Jeans

Express X2 Bootcut Jeans

Three Puff Paint Tees from HS Spirit Days

Green Polka Dot Top

Pink Roxy Tee

Blue I Love Mizzou Tee

Jungle Jim's Playland Tee
This one was super old with tears and everything. (You can see some holes by the "Y" and "L.") Definitely from the grade school days.
Grey Hollister Shirt

Brown Studded Clutch

Black Purse

Black and Brown Clutch

Tees from the now defunct The Hipstery:

A tee from an old (also defunct) t-shirt store

Yellow Roxy Tee

In addition, I've got 11 bottoms to sell.

Silver Locket

Lip Balm Locket


Purse Clutch Mirror

Decluttering has been on my To Do list, but it seems that I only get rid of bits and bobs. I don't know when I'll get around to making substantial change.

What have you decluttered lately?

Live lovely,

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface (2015)


Fueled by Ramen is still producing music?!

I remember back in the early '00's when Fueled by Ramen was my favorite record label. I may actually seek out other artists on the label. Too bad Pandora doesn't have a record label station option!

As I decided to write about this album, it became number one on the charts.

Blurryface starts off strong with "HeavyDirtySoul," and then the second song still strong. What I think is cool about the second song titled "Stressed Out," is that on any other album it would have been named the title track ("Blurryface").

On iTunes, I noticed that it does not say genre. Instead it says genres. I would qualify Twenty One Pilots as alternative, but there is a lot of hip hop influence and a dash of reggae mixed in with an MGMT/hipster rock feel. Something impressive to me is that the variety isn't jarring.

They still use the ukulele on this album. What I like is that you wouldn't even notice there's a ukulele. You have to wait a bit for "Judge" before you get it though.

Two particular songs I like are "Doubt," which sounds as hip hop-py as "HeavyDirtySoul," and "Hometown," which has the hipster rock vibe. Also, "HeavyDirtySoul" is one I'd put on repeat.

"Tear in my Heart" is apparently on the radio now. I can see that. It has the guaranteed lovey lyrics that get it into the Top 40 rotation. Not saying it's a bad song, just that it fits the formula. What's funny is how unremarkable it was and then the repetition will make it a favorite. I think this lyric is so un-ironic that it becomes ironic: "The songs on the radio are ok, but my taste in music is your face."

I also listened to Vessel (2012). Here are some thoughts:

Vessel by Twenty One Pilots has the songs "Holding on to You," "Car Radio" and "House of Gold." These were popular on the radio. I felt like that album was a little more generic rock. I really just liked the songs that were on the radio. I still love "Holding on to You," but nothing else on the album stood out to me. Maybe I'm biased from knowing songs off the airwaves, but I still think Vessel is pretty good.

What albums are you loving right now?

Live lovely,