Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Twenty One Pilots - Blurryface (2015)


Fueled by Ramen is still producing music?!

I remember back in the early '00's when Fueled by Ramen was my favorite record label. I may actually seek out other artists on the label. Too bad Pandora doesn't have a record label station option!

As I decided to write about this album, it became number one on the charts.

Blurryface starts off strong with "HeavyDirtySoul," and then the second song still strong. What I think is cool about the second song titled "Stressed Out," is that on any other album it would have been named the title track ("Blurryface").

On iTunes, I noticed that it does not say genre. Instead it says genres. I would qualify Twenty One Pilots as alternative, but there is a lot of hip hop influence and a dash of reggae mixed in with an MGMT/hipster rock feel. Something impressive to me is that the variety isn't jarring.

They still use the ukulele on this album. What I like is that you wouldn't even notice there's a ukulele. You have to wait a bit for "Judge" before you get it though.

Two particular songs I like are "Doubt," which sounds as hip hop-py as "HeavyDirtySoul," and "Hometown," which has the hipster rock vibe. Also, "HeavyDirtySoul" is one I'd put on repeat.

"Tear in my Heart" is apparently on the radio now. I can see that. It has the guaranteed lovey lyrics that get it into the Top 40 rotation. Not saying it's a bad song, just that it fits the formula. What's funny is how unremarkable it was and then the repetition will make it a favorite. I think this lyric is so un-ironic that it becomes ironic: "The songs on the radio are ok, but my taste in music is your face."

I also listened to Vessel (2012). Here are some thoughts:

Vessel by Twenty One Pilots has the songs "Holding on to You," "Car Radio" and "House of Gold." These were popular on the radio. I felt like that album was a little more generic rock. I really just liked the songs that were on the radio. I still love "Holding on to You," but nothing else on the album stood out to me. Maybe I'm biased from knowing songs off the airwaves, but I still think Vessel is pretty good.

What albums are you loving right now?

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