Thursday, December 29, 2016

Re-Reading My Blog: Interesting Thoughts.

So I'm blogging as a hobby, and I've realized, that I like this more as a journal of sorts. I focus on the mundane aspects of my life, but I like that.

I forgot when I first heard about Bullet Journaling: Found out here.

I observed a quirky, colorful, younger personality. -I was not properly medicated, but I kind of miss that girl.

I go into a different mode when I update here versus trying to keep a "Dear Diary" type journal. I feel the urge to write (in my "Dear Diary -see: Miss Vicky Bee on YouTube), then nothing meaningful comes out. It's more of a call of pen to paper. It's a ramble that I don't enjoy looking back on. My personal journaling practice (not including my BuJo) has devolved to small entries about nothing.

And at least this is something. It's mundane, everyday stuff. But it's my life. I can see my progress here better than my current journal. I really hope I didn't just jinx that.

As for a Life Lately: I've broken my own blog post rule and have indulged in coffee on my vacation. Hence, an update at 11:37 pm.

Things to think about before you donate.

This post only scratches the surface.

Stigmas against shopping at thrift stores are long gone, and now it is a popular option to donate your clothes.

I'm tired of the myth that you can and should donate anything to the thrift store.

I worked at a thrift store pricing clothing for several months, and went through tons and tons of what essentially amounted to trash.

There are people who want to save money and there are people who shop there out of need. There's one thing about all these people that must be honored: dignity.

People's styles and tastes are different, but if you're donating old clothing because, well it's old and in horrible condition, why? Why do we believe the underserved would be grateful for our trash?

Only donate clothes in good condition:
No rips, tears, stains, or pilling
In season is best.
Launder first.
Take things off the hangers. They can probably sell wire hangers for scrap metal. Maybe they can sell plastic hangers, but please, just take your clothes off them.
And please. No old underwear (WHY? Just WHY?). Someone has to go through it, even if they're putting on gloves and putting them in the salvage/trash.

If you're local thrift store recycles textiles, perhaps you will donate them to recycle, but maybe mark them as "salvage."

These and your ephemeral high school t-shirts get sent to Africa. They are putting local African textile industries out of business. As for the other countries receiving these, the market is saturated. They don't need anymore of our old clothes!

I say, turn your old t-shirts into rags. For me, I get more use out of them cleaning than I did wearing them, and I still feel happy to see the logos, even while I'm wiping down a counter. It also makes it easier to toss once you've worn down your rag to threadbare.

Now, when I buy, I am "investing" in a product that will last much longer than something bought at a big box store. "Use it up and wear it out. Make it do or do without."

I am also concerned about filling landfills. Biodegradable waste isn't so bad until it's all put together, releasing harmful gasses cumulatively as it all breaks down. But one step at a time.

The solution to the landfill problem is to simply buy less and buy better.

Support everyone's dignity, by not donating your trash.
Repurpose as much as possible to try not to fill the landfills.
Buy less, but buy better.

I am, by no means, eco-conscious superstar, but I am trying. :-D

Live Lovely.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Make early mornings your cup of tea... or coffee.

I've come to think up a couple tips on how to really get ready to early morning GTD from a morning hater. I have to be at work at 7 in the morning, so after several months, I have finally adapted to a morning schedule. I'm now on vacation, so I hope I don't backslide!

Firstly, make breakfast. Make it something easy and something delicious. Even if it's not quick, that might be a plus. When I was forced to eat breakfast for school, I was never hungry and would feel sickish after I ate. If it takes longer to make, you might actually be hungry.

Doing something productive and useful (morning fuel up!) will get you roarin' for more accomplishments! I like making breakfast because you're doing something for yourself (and maybe others!).

Maybe you'll go workout. I like yoga. You're supposed to practice on an empty stomach anyway. I like early classes, but I have a tendency to go back to sleep. A hot, but not highly flow-based class is a treat on these cold mornings. Sometimes, I'll wake up early enough to go to a 6 am, but afterwards, I'm back in bed. :-D

Limit yourself to one to two cups of coffee. Withdrawals contribute to a weary afternoon. I think everyone gets tired again at this time, so don't help it!

Personally, I am very sensitive to caffeine, so I've switched over to tea. Coffee to me now is a treat, and I try not to have any past 10 am. (Yes. I am THAT sensitive.)

Put on some clothes and makeup. Wear shoes. If you don't shower, at least wash your face. Think of this as the transition from wake up mode to GTD Beast Mode. Your tasks for the day might just be a Target run, but it takes the same amount of time to put on jeans as it does yoga pants. Plus, who knows who you might run into. Classic excuse for looking presentable.

Lastly, try to get on a schedule. Even if you need to catch up, having a schedule won't let you sleep in too much, thereby screwing up your schedule even more.

Coming from a former night owl (or as I like to say, night hawk), it's also a mental boost to be on the same schedule as most of the world.

Implement slowly. Like any habit, you have to cultivate it, not blast off and crash and burn. And don't get perturbed when you were feeling optimistic on Sunday, but then just... Eh. We can't be everything always.

On that note, I feel as if I have just found my word for 2017: cultivate.

I like that. :-D

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

DIY Lip Balm: The Lazy Way

I'm a sucker for packaging; hence, I have saved my Smith's Lip Balm Salve containers. The tins are too cute to throw out and thankfully I didn't need to!

I definitely might have a poverty mindset with a, as I have heard and like to put it, "good to the last drop" mentality.

Well, I had some Baby Lips: Neon that I didn't like the color. Then, there was a chubby stick that oxidized horribly on my lips. Finally, I had some Revlon Lip Butters that I finished. What to do?


1. Fill a frying pan with a bit of water, enough to reach at least halfway to the tin, but not boil over into it. Place your tin.

2. Dig out those old lippies with a toothpick (or whatever tool you think would work well) and scrape into the old tin. You are free and welcome to add another medium like petroleum jelly, coconut oil, or Aquaphor (not sure if Aquaphor is appropriate, but I've heard it's a great moisturizer) if you don't have much of your colored product. I had a small thing of petroleum jelly I was glad to use up. Don't forget to add the ones you don't like the color of!

3. Let the water boil to heat the tin and melt your product. Stir if needed.

4. Let cool. To prevent an uneven line on the tin, I'll move it to an unused burner and let it set. Once it's cooler, you can stick it in the fridge.

Super lazy? Scoop out everything and melt in a microwave safe container and pour. (I simply "refill" my containers by melting and adding to them. We all know we can't microwave metal!)

I will typically put on this concoction after the shower or just lounging around the house. To be fair, the color's outcome was not my main priority, so feel free to be picky about that. I just get great satisfaction from using everything up! This one is actually more sheer, but I appreciate it's moisturizing quality.

Just realized my lips are dry. Going to go put some on!

How satisfying is that fill line?

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Watch the Titanic Sink in Real Time

Click here.

I found this last April on a night when I couldn't sleep.

Think it's so cool yet eerie. You get a snapshot of what happened when more than 1,500 people died.

Boring to watch at times, but for me if I fell asleep that would be ok. I tend to need something in the background to fall asleep and listen to podcasts. Then, I end up re-listening to them because of FOMO.

It was good to watch when I needed little brainpower, and finished it after work the next day. Note: if this a sleep time thing for you, it gets a bit noisy at times after the halfway point.

In only forty minutes, you notice the bottom two rows are already covered. It's a little difficult to notice the incremental changes, but if you're scrubbing around you'll definitely notice. I was more interested in the timeline subtitles. Subtitle narrative picks up once the lifeboats launch (about an hour in). They only increase in frequency from there.

I got emotional viewing this; might've been the tired talking, but it's terrifying because this was real life. And it hits harder when it's not sensationalized with a love story. Or overshadowed by character development.

You're seeing the recreation of 1,500 people's slow demise and it puts into perspective the actual tragedy.

History is some important for learning anything's development, and sadly, history has never been my thing. I just have to share something that made history interesting and tangible for me. I have to add that I do really enjoy fashion history and advertising history.

But I still want to re-watch Titanic.

One a lighter note, I totally don't want to live on a boat now.

Saturday, April 9, 2016


It's been too long to even justify not updating.

Really miss writing and my life this past year has not been conducive to much more than Bullet Journaling and To-Dos.

Not sure if I'm going to continue blogging, or find other outlets for writing, but just thought I'd update since I'm in that organizing zone.