Thursday, December 22, 2016

Make early mornings your cup of tea... or coffee.

I've come to think up a couple tips on how to really get ready to early morning GTD from a morning hater. I have to be at work at 7 in the morning, so after several months, I have finally adapted to a morning schedule. I'm now on vacation, so I hope I don't backslide!

Firstly, make breakfast. Make it something easy and something delicious. Even if it's not quick, that might be a plus. When I was forced to eat breakfast for school, I was never hungry and would feel sickish after I ate. If it takes longer to make, you might actually be hungry.

Doing something productive and useful (morning fuel up!) will get you roarin' for more accomplishments! I like making breakfast because you're doing something for yourself (and maybe others!).

Maybe you'll go workout. I like yoga. You're supposed to practice on an empty stomach anyway. I like early classes, but I have a tendency to go back to sleep. A hot, but not highly flow-based class is a treat on these cold mornings. Sometimes, I'll wake up early enough to go to a 6 am, but afterwards, I'm back in bed. :-D

Limit yourself to one to two cups of coffee. Withdrawals contribute to a weary afternoon. I think everyone gets tired again at this time, so don't help it!

Personally, I am very sensitive to caffeine, so I've switched over to tea. Coffee to me now is a treat, and I try not to have any past 10 am. (Yes. I am THAT sensitive.)

Put on some clothes and makeup. Wear shoes. If you don't shower, at least wash your face. Think of this as the transition from wake up mode to GTD Beast Mode. Your tasks for the day might just be a Target run, but it takes the same amount of time to put on jeans as it does yoga pants. Plus, who knows who you might run into. Classic excuse for looking presentable.

Lastly, try to get on a schedule. Even if you need to catch up, having a schedule won't let you sleep in too much, thereby screwing up your schedule even more.

Coming from a former night owl (or as I like to say, night hawk), it's also a mental boost to be on the same schedule as most of the world.

Implement slowly. Like any habit, you have to cultivate it, not blast off and crash and burn. And don't get perturbed when you were feeling optimistic on Sunday, but then just... Eh. We can't be everything always.

On that note, I feel as if I have just found my word for 2017: cultivate.

I like that. :-D

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