Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Capsule Wardrobes: Quick Ditty on Buying Quality

I've been obsessed lately (and actually so much longer than that) with the idea of a capsule wardrobe. #jumpingonthebandwagon #2010minimalism

With my upcoming vacation, I'm going to try to let go of the things I don't actually wear. I started a new job last year and bought some button-ups that I just don't go for and don't absolutely need for the environment. (I would like to add more button-ups to my wardrobe sometime, but I find I don't like the texture of these.)

While, I may not actually get to Courtney Carver's 33 or Caroline Rector's 37, it will be a good exercise. 

I've already split up my closet between FW and SS. 

But if there's ONE takeaway from the capsule wardrobe that is really working for me, it's buying higher quality...

While you save up for that one great garment, chances are it will be there when you're done. I had my eye on some basic black boots and when I finally got around to buying them a year later, they were still there! 

Good quality items at a higher (not necessarily THAT much higher either) price point, especially a classic item, probably won't have a high "fast fashion" turnover. Perhaps they won't be available for the current season, but they will probably come back in some form, if not the same form, during the appropriate season. 

I also get attached to much clothes and for casual clothes, I love them more as they get worn. So now, I've got a great pair of boots I can wear with anything and will last me longer than the 4 years the boots they replaced had lasted (still not bad, but I legitimately wore holes in them).

I find that the price point sweet spot for me is either two to four times higher than Target. Fast fashion is so cheap, I can't even begin. Like 8 times higher?!?!

Perhaps, you knew all this already, but my main experiences with shopping have been with fast fashion, so you had to get it while it's good.

So plan it, budget it, and then get it. 

I went from fast fashion, to thrifting, to buying for filling gaps in my wardrobe.

Good stuff. 

Buy less, buy better. 

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